Author Topic: Soundproofing Exterior Wall from outside industrial blower noise  (Read 3515 times)


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There is a loud large industrial blower (compressor like sound) about 40 feet away from the outside wall of my first floor office.

A 12 foot high sound absorbing/deflecting wall will be built in front of the blower, but it will not be enclosed.

There is one window on the office wall facing the blower. We will remove the window, frame and insulate it.

The rest of the wall is 2x4 construction. The interior part has a 3/4" layer of horizontal wood lathe over the studs and then covered with a 5/8" layer of vertical tongue and groove wood.

Is there anything we can do do reduce the sound transmission through the wall without removing the 2 layers of wood and building a 2nd wall?

Would adding a layer of 1/2" drywall, green glue and then 5/8" drywall make a difference?

How far away would a second wall have to be to avoid the 3rd leaf effect if we were to do that?


Randy S

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Re: Soundproofing Exterior Wall from outside industrial blower noise
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What I would do is wait until the wall is built in order to determine the value of the wall which could reduce the amount of soundproofing needed.

After the wall is built it could be as simple as a layer of mass loaded vinyl and green glue with 5/8" drywall.

at the worst case a new wall built 2" away from existing wall. However due to the current wall we would still need to address that wall because it is a wood surface.

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Randy S.