Author Topic: Sound Isolating / Dampening a walk-in closet for vocals / guitar.  (Read 6848 times)


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So I'm trying to come up with a cheaper (than building a whole portable ventilated booth in my living room) temporary solution for recording acoustic guitar and high frequency vocals, no bass or drums, in the walk in closet of my apartment. Not looking for total isolation, I just want something reasonable enough for the neighbors. All of the sound leaks in and out of my apartment through my front door, the most I've ever heard from an adjacent apartment that didn't come from the hallway are like footsteps upstairs but they're muffled pretty well.

None of the walls of my closet are touching an adjacent apartment, the most I'm worried about is preventing the sound from passing through the ceiling and floor of the closet (I'm 2nd floor), as well as dampening the sound that passes through each of my doors (front door, bedroom door, closet door) to minimize leakage into the hall, I think I can use skirts and maybe some like weatherproofing vinyl strips or something for sealing the edges, with all the doors closed it should be okay, I can maybe even get my own door made to temporarily replace the closet door with that's more dense / seals better / has a window to see my computer and then just take that with me if I ever move and put their door back on.

My main question is regarding my idea for dampening the sound that would travel above and below me while in the closet, I was thinking about just cutting a series of long MDF or higher density boards measured to fit my closet as best as possible and basically just setting them to cover my head, like a second lower ceiling, there are 6.5ft high shelves on either side of the closet I could balance these on. I'd like to keep it simple and glue like some 4cm thick Copopren or something (saw it in a video) to those boards, copopren side facing down at me.

Not exactly sure what I'd do to isolate the floor yet, maybe create a raised/floated box to stand on and then just try and lay down more MDF / Copopren around that, closets a little too big for me to want to make a large floated floor for the whole thing, but I also might not have much fun standing on 4cm thick padding (and I can't really put a chair on that). My question is if I place a barrier like that with minimal gaps if any between me and the  closet ceiling, is the sound traveling up and down the walls from loud vocals or guitar playing going to be enough to create an unreasonable amount of bleed into my neighbors apartments? I know making a floated room is ideal, but a closet is technically a room within a room with drywall, it's just not floated.