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noise reduction methods
« on: January 17, 2002, 12:51:37 AM »

I live next to a highway, in a valley, where cars and trucks travel past my
house, this results in frequent engine sounds ranging from truck
low-frequency(resembles an earthquake) to midrange motor cycle/car sounds.
I have a very large aluminum window 1.8mx3m(6'x10') in size, facing the
road. it has 4 main sections of 3mm thick normal glass. The house is
double brick so 90% of the noise comes in from this window and 10%
from the ceiling/eves.
I have looked into some methods of reducing the sound which is
transmitted through this window, into the house..
1. double glassing, this will be the most expensive and time consuming, since this will
require the whole window to be replaced. But it should provide very
good noise insulation.
2. roller shutters, after looking at some houses fitted with these,
I have found they are not very effective in fact they stop less
noise than the current window.
3. inserting windows, hard to install since the sliding windows
slide close to the large window. I have no idea how much noise
reduction they will do. Also very expensive.
4. Laminated Glass, This so far is the best option, I can replace the
glass in the existing window with up to 11mm thick laminated glass. I went to a
retail glass store and they said it would be possible to do, with very good
results. A company which did a window job at an airport, told me that this has
more noise reduction than double glassing. This will also be the
cheapest option.
My question is what do you recommend?
Has anyone any experiences with laminated glass Vs normal glass? how much
noise reduction will it do at certain frequencies? Is 11mm thick
enough? they also have 8mm & 6mm.
I have also looked into building a 6-7' high brick fence. How effective
will this be in reducing the traffic noise? What about planting many
trees & shrubs in front of my house?
Has anyone any experience with insulating ceilings. At the moment I
have normal ping bats. I have put in some expensive noise insulation material
above one of the rooms on top of the bats, this has only resulted in
5-10% noise reduction. If I lay 3/4" thick boards on top of these how
much more noise would this reduce?