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SoundProof a large video studio
« on: May 04, 2017, 06:42:48 PM »
Hi all!

I have been reading through tones of the posts on this site and have decided to ask for specific help and check on my current strategy for soundproofing.

The space
900sq/feet warehouse studio including two large mezzanines.
Walls currently have basic mineral wool insulation and are standard stud walls with thin plasterboard. It seems to reduce slightly more than half the sound levels of people talking outside which is pretty poor for our needs.
Floors and Ceiling and well insulated and has 30cm thick concrete.

I'm against pulling down the current walls for financial reasons. I could potentially look into creating additional walls against the current stud walls. Space isn't a large concern except on the floor of the balconies as its ceiling height is poor. The primary use of the studio is product videos and green screen content most of which won't need location sound. however I would love the ability to use the studio for sound occasionally if possible.

Also theres a lot more noise from the stud walls than the windows

Picture of the space

Current Solution
I have about £3500 to spend on sound proofing ignoring the windows.
My plan is to install SY70 sound barrier on all the walls and something similar on the mezzanine floors, And then put a heavy acoustic 15mm plasterboard over it sandwiching it in. That comes to about £2700 leaving about £800 left for any additional measures.

Here is the SY70 link
The Plasterboard link

I will also instal heavy blinds in the windows and a very thick acoustic mass carpet roll over it.
For the door i'm making a 4inch frame and rolling thick acoustic mass roll again.

I have about £400 to then spend on the first stages of sound absorbency.

I'm not after total silence just a really decent improvement on what is currently there.

Thanks for any advise!!!

Randy S

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Re: SoundProof a large video studio
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2017, 03:57:37 PM »
I have not personally worked with the tecsound before, looks like a dampening tape for framing which is ok for new isolated framing..the plaster board is where your going to gain the greatest value based on mass.
I would say that if your not dealing with heavy vibration issues I would double up the plasterboard to increase total overall mass. this will deliver better value.

Randy S.