Author Topic: Upstairs floor-fan vibrates my ceiling and creates noise  (Read 352 times)


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Upstairs floor-fan vibrates my ceiling and creates noise
« on: May 05, 2017, 10:06:08 PM »
The tenant above me uses a floor fan.

The fan itself is not unbalanced or defective. It's is not even what I would call loud (when in the room).

But its vibration transmits very easily down through his floor into my bedroom.

Some details:

The vibrations beat -- i.e., periodically go from loud to soft. This is especially maddening.

There is a dead zone in my bedroom, near a corner.

When the upstairs tenant puts a blanket under the fan, the noise is reduced, but is still unacceptable.

When a 3-in to 4-in stack of memory-foam bathroom mats are placed under the fan, the noise reduction is not much better than with just a blanket.

My plan was to double up the foam mats and put a substantial ceramic tile or metal plate into the stack, near the top, but then I found this site.

Maybe there is a better solution? Maybe there is something I can buy for just this problem? I have to assume I am not the first tenant to have this problem.

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Re: Upstairs floor-fan vibrates my ceiling and creates noise
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2017, 03:01:45 PM »
sounds like you would need to do a wall to wall barrier application.
you have already decoupled the fan with the foam mat so what is left is airborne sound which would require wall to wall barrier sealed air tight to reduce airborne noise.

This would be for under carpet.

this would be under hard surface final flooring.

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