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Author Topic: freeway noise dampener air purification design help, please, anybody, anybody  (Read 2281 times)


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Currently my wood metal design fab shop is located right off freeway. I have seen one conceptual design for a passive window treat that allows air flow which seemed interesting and complicated. my only design ideas are along the same line of sound dampening an air compressor or generator. where you sealed areas exaust post has a mass loaded exit point with a series of baffles. I would like to implement such a device in an open entry door as well as a large metal roll up door. does anyone of ye have any educational inspirational ideas or information that might help me on my path? I've heard thew it can't be done on here when I searched many posts. I'm hoping to find a happy medium. not even dreaming of sound proof.

this is my first post, and glad to be here. have a few plans in the interest of sound , and hope to relate with some acoustic ninjas...

blessings and thanks for anything helpful


Randy S

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This sounds like a fun project, I will need more information in order to accomplish this goal.
especially the baffle box window system! huge potential if we can succeed.
As for the roll up door, it can be done as long as we have some room on the inside to build the enclosure.

Lets discuss in detail and go over particulars.

Call me direct !

Randy S.
Randy Sieg

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