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Room in a room with a Detachable wall


I am in the planning phase of building a room within a room.
My question is whether or not i can build the room in such a way that 2 of the sides are detachable. And still obtain a decent sound isolation?

I was wondering whether i could make a channel in the floor and in the ceiling so i could slide the walls in from one corner and then secure the walls to the floor and ceiling. So that i would get a good enough seal.

The reason i need 2 sides to be detachable in some way is because otherwise the room is about 1/4 the size of the room in a room. So it would destroy the room if i couldn't do that.

My second question is whether or not i can hang the ceiling of the room in a room from the existing ceiling? It would only be one corner. So that i wouldn't have a post in the middle of the original room supporting supporting the ceiling. If that makes sense?

Any recommendations or ideas are very much welcome.



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