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Author Topic: Finishing remodel...window and door solutions?  (Read 2669 times)


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Finishing remodel...window and door solutions?
« on: July 07, 2017, 12:23:38 PM »

Just spent a stupid amount of money to soundproof an extra bedroom for my music room and have used this site extensively for ideas.  So thank you for the all the help and advice I have received here.  It has been wife hates you.

My last 2 projects are the window and door into the room. 

The window is 58 3/4" wide x 35" height with no molding or sill around it.  It has about a 3" deep enclosure/jamb. I am trying to figure out if doing the Magnet Seal solution with Acrylic would be an acceptable alternative to a Soundproof Window.   I'd rather not spend $1200 on a window if the magnetic seal option would give me comparable results at half the price.  How do they compare?   Also got a couple of questions on the Magnet Seal solution...

     - Should you use screws to mount the magnetic L frame?  Concerned about poking more holes into the walls I just put up. But, just as concerned about using an adhesive
         glue that would be much harder to remove.
     - I would want to mount the acrylic on the outside of the opening, so I'm guessing I would need a "sill" of some sort to hold the weight?  More
     - Can I use 1/2" or 3/4" acrylic?  That is what my local Plastic company has.

The door is a Solid Core, but it turned out to be a little shorter in height.  I now have a 1 1/8" Gap under the door that I'm having problems filling.  It seems the door sweeps can cover gaps up to about 3/4",  which would leave me with a 1/2" gap still there, defeating the soundproofing of the entire room.  I really don't want to put a raised threshold on my brand new and stupidly expensive wood floor.  Do I need a new door or is there some other solution here? 

Anyway, thanks again.  I've been planning this project for years and have been using this site extensively.  Just about done now and hopefully my wife will forgive you when she hears (or not) the results.   ;)


Randy S

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Re: Finishing remodel...window and door solutions?
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2017, 04:23:06 PM »


Thanks for the chuckles !!! I actually get that more then you think...hahahaha

As for the window and magnaseal, you have a good air gap so using 1/2" or 3/4" acrylic would be ok.
You should get to STC 49 +/- couple points.
You do need to screw the L frame into the window box.
for the flush mount you would need a piece of wood to act as a sill to support the weight of the acrylic as the magnetic tape is for the seal only.

Oh my friend the door, the door, you are going to have to add a piece of wood to the bottom of the door to close that gap up or replace the door... the gap at the bottom for a soundproof room should be no bigger then 1/4" and a sealed sweep installed.

Now keep in mind, even in my best designed rooms that are double frame, double doors and double windows they will always be the weak points in the room.

Randy S.