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Author Topic: What to look for/cost of replacing windows for soundproofing.  (Read 2882 times)


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Hello, I understand that mass (glass thickness and lamination), air gap (at least a couple inches) and seal is king, but just wanted to get some more specifics down.

Some of my windows are due to be replaced so I'm going to make them sound proof right off the bat instead of doing additive modifications like acrylic sheets or anything like that.

1. What kind of window specifics (eg. style, glass type (laminated or not), thickness, airgap) are well suited to sound proofing from traffic and aircraft and available on the market? What are the key words and styles that I should be looking for?

2. What would be a fair cost for the window + installation, say for a window about 60"x50" large. I'm in the Toronto area of Canada, but an estimate in the market that you are in would be very informative for me nonetheless.

3. Are there anything other things that I should keep in mind and consider before going ahead?

Thank you very much in advance for providing such good advice as always.


Randy S

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Re: What to look for/cost of replacing windows for soundproofing.
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2017, 04:11:41 PM »

Not sure what companies are offering in Canada, but you are looking for the highest STC rating or OITC rating of the window for best performance.

We recommend MILGARD Quiet line windows. but not sure if you can get them there.

Can not give you an estimate because we do not sell nor install windows.

Randy S.