Author Topic: Noisy traffic for highrise - would making a fort around my bed help?  (Read 6050 times)


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Hey there -- I live in a highrise studio next to what sounds like a drag strip at night (buy a muffler, doofuses).

Basically it's a 600 sq ft room, with windows all on one side. Kinda like a hotel.

Anyway it's not ideal, but livable. I'm aware of the expensive/ effective options, but are there any low-cost, simple solutions that may have some effect?

I'm thinking -- well maybe just build some strategic soundproof-foam+deadening board walls around a couple sides of my bed? (other sides are interior walls). Sort of like a small fort. Maybe 6 feet high, maybe to the ceiling.

I guess I can also hang heavy curtains on the windows as well.

Would these provide any benefit? Something like even a 20% reduction would be nice.

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Re: Noisy traffic for highrise - would making a fort around my bed help?
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you can try using Mass loaded vinyl and wrap around canopy bed, sides and top.

Not sure how much reduction you are get from it but you can try.

adding the curtain around the bed after the MLV might get you the reduction your looking for.

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