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Double resilient channel
« on: May 04, 2017, 12:52:37 AM »
I have been remodeling my home one room at a time.  On the outside walls I have been removing all the plaster and lath, installing fiberglass insulation in the 2x4 walls and then finishing the walls with resilient channel and two layers of wall board.  When traffic goes by if I put my ear against the wallboard I can tell the the wall board is vibrating and passing noise into the room.  Instead of building up the wall covering with resilient channel and two layers of wallboard I was considering resilient channel, one layer of wallboard, resilient channel over the wallboard and then a second layer of wallboard.  Does that seem like a promising path to take?  What other ways should I consider?

Randy S

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Re: Double resilient channel
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when hanging drywall on resilient channel you should have a 1/4" max gap around the entire perimeter and this gap should be filled with acoustic caulking.

In order to reduce the vibration of the drywall I would recommend using Green Glue in between the 2 sheets of drywall ( 3 tube per 4' x 8' sheet)

Make sure you are sealing all outlets with putty pads and sealing all walls like fish tank.

Randy S.