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Author Topic: Possible to replace just sashes with laminated glass, or add a laminated layer?  (Read 3489 times)


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My wife and I just bought a house that was built in 1901, at an intersection that generates lots of noise.  We've had about 100 dump trucks drive by today, and there's a fire station down the road that regularly sends fire trucks and ambulances whirring past our house.  In addition to that, the intersection is at the top of a steep hill, so most of the trucks are at wide open throttle to climb the hill or accelerate when the light changes. 

The existing windows are original 1901-era single hung, single pane, wood windows.  Many of them have permanent single hung aluminum frame (Ugly) exterior storm windows that look to be at least 30 years old.  The house is a fairly large Victorian with lots of large windows.  There are at least 30 windows on the house; most are 6 feet tall and 26-36 inches wide. 

The house is well built, with full dimensional framing, and stucco siding, so I'm hoping that the windows are the primary conduit of the noise.  We don't have any preservation restrictions, but I'd like to keep the original character of the home as much as practical. 

Now that you know my life story, here's the question:  Does anyone make double glazed and/or laminated window sashes that can go into our existing frames?  That seems like the easiest solution, and would allow us to keep our trim intact, and not reduce our visible window area the way replacement insert windows often do. 

If that's not an option, is it possible to buy sound-laminated glass, and somehow caulk it to the existing sash, to make it double glazed and reduce the noise? 

I've read up on the magnaseal solution, and am considering it.  I just want to know if there's a more permanent solution.  Thanks.

Randy S

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Not that I am aware of, this question would be best suited for a window manufacturer.

Sorry for the delayed response.

Randy S.