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Can I soundproof my headboard from TV and talking noises?


Hi all,

I live in a flat where the walls are kinda paper thin. I hear the bass of the tv and talking voices from the people next door. I have called security to silence them but I am getting tired of it. I can hear them especially from my bed. The headboard of my bed is attached to the wall; which shares the wall with the neighbours.

I suspect that the headboard might amplify sounds? Attached is a picture of what the inside of the headboard looks like (this is not my actual headboard). Might this amplify sounds? If so, could acoustic foam stop some of the sounds from coming through?

Thanks for your help.

Randy S:
Attempting to soundproof the head board would be a waste of money because the sound will just go around it.
Uncouple the head board from the wall and this will stop the direct transmission of vibration to the head board and make sure you move it away from the wall, not contacting the wall.
As for reducing your noise problem with the neighbor you are going to have to soundproof the entire wall in order to see any viable reduction. Anything less of doing the entire wall would be wasted efforts.

Best Regards,

Randy S.

I would try soundproofing foam, sound absorbing foam, or soundproofing panels, as these absorb echo, thus limits the sound.  ;D


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