Author Topic: Near major road. Need help reducing noise & confused by how sound is traveling  (Read 3415 times)


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Looking for some help... I live .30 miles from a major road. The road has 2 lanes in each direction with cars going 45mph. My house is at the end of a dead end on a street that is about 20-30 ft above the major road. I bring up elevation because I’m not sure if elevation has anything to do with the increase in noise i hear at my house. When I walk down the hill towards the major road and am on streets that are level in elevation with the road, the noise is not nearly as bad even though it’s much closer to the source. Can you please help me understand why I’m hearing the noise louder at my house than when I’m closer to The source and what I can do to make the sound less noticeable and tolerable. Please help as I am starting to go crazy with the noise!

Randy S

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elevation(topography), distance, temperature, frequency and intensity all contribute to how you are receiving the noise from the road. 
In order for you to see even the minimal reduction you would have to put a very tall wall either close to the source(best) or close enough to you for the shadow zone to give a value of reduction.

Feel free to contact me direct for more in depth explanation.

Randy S.