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Advice for a Home Studio
« on: July 27, 2018, 03:02:17 AM »

Firstly, usual disclaimers, new here, please redirect if this is the wrong forum etc. etc.!

OK, I have just moved house and have been "given" one room to use as my home studio / office. I intend to be recording videos and mostly speech, so my need it to isolate the room as much as possible from exterior sounds. (Preventing sound I make from escaping is not a significant requirement!)

The room is ground floor, so to sub-floor is concrete. Two walls are exterior, one is interior and one is between me and the garage. There are two windows and one door. It is 10' high, 10'wide and 17' long.

Currently, I "suffer" from a variety of exterior noise ranging from the family (TV, the dog, kids etc) to outside (folks cutting their grass, building work and so on).

I plan to do the whole "room in a room" thing, and have been reading up on it, watching tutorials and so on. I have some questions as to how to proceed, though!

Please remember, when answering, that I am on a limited budget, so cannot afford to "experiment". Yes, I will spend if I need to, but don't want to just throw money at the problem until I get the quiet I need!!!


  • Floor. I read that one way to isolate from lower frequencies is to build the floor on tennis balls. Sounds crazy, but also seems to make some sense. I figured that I could put down a frame of relatively thin wood (1/2" or thereabouts) with holes in it to locate the balls. Then sit a frame on top of the balls to hold the flooring itself. Between the rafters, I would then pack sound insulation material to isolate the higher frequencies. Is this a sensible approach?
  • Walls. These would be mounted on top of the floor and have a gap (1-2") from the room's existing walls. I'm thinking 2x4 with sound insulation between. Then channel mounted to the studs and two layers of 5/8" drywall mounted to this. Again, is this sensible?
  • Some sources suggest wooden studs while other swear by steel. Which would you guys suggest is preferable?
  • Is Green Glue worth investing in for between the two layers of drywall?
  • The final layer, inside the room, will be quilted "moving blankets". These will be black to help control light within the studio and should also dampen any reverberation or echo. Will I require further absorption panels?
  • How concerned should I be about opposite, parallel surfaces? I understand these should be avoided, but how far "off" do they need to be and how much need I worry?
  • I will probably want to mount some large-screen monitors on the walls within the studio. Ordinarily, the weight of these would require that the mounting hardware be affixed directly to the wall studs, however this will obviously "short" out the the isolation. Can anyone suggest a solution?
  • Similarly, I was hoping to have power outlets, network ports and the like recessed into the walls. Is this likely to cause me issues?
  • The ceiling. This will, naturally, sit on top of the walls (so will not touch the "real" ceiling). I am undecided on its construction, though. Any ideas/advice?

Any advice / suggestions greatly appreciated! Please be gentle, though, I'm very much new to all this!

Thank you,