Author Topic: STC and IIC rating questions for various assemblies and flooring IIC rating  (Read 3345 times)


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Hi all,

Going a little crazy trying to find ratings for combined flooring and ceiling ratings.  Does anyone know of a comprehensive source?  I'm picking up breadcrumbs here and there.

Question, which would be more effective for footfall?   Double 3/4" OSB with GG between or 3/4" OSB with a layer of 2mm underlayment under another layer of 3/4" OSB?

Do we know what sound ratings would be for a common install like the following?

3/4" OSB
Green Glue
3/4" OSB
Wood joists
double 5/8 drywall with GG.

Any tidbits would be greatly appreciated.  I"m looking for the cheapest and easiest solution for new construction / gut jobs/ condo conversions in brick rowhouses where the units are on top of each other.

And for those who have installed underlayments, what's the cheapest adhesive out there?  The adhesive is proving to cost more than the underlayments.

Randy S

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You would need to contact me direct in order for me to assist you in understanding why you are having a difficult time acquiring that information.
Far to much post here...literally a book..

Randy S.