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Improving Soundproofing of Garage (Pesky Low Frequencies!)


Hey guys,

I'm trying to do a budget soundproof of a garage for a recording studio, and I already did some construction (basically built a removable wall inside of the garage door and added a 2nd layer of drywall on resilient channels to the rest of the garage walls.) My removable wall is 2 thin wood sheets sandwiching a layer of foam insulation inside.  It helps with most of the frequencies, but I can still hear low car rumbling noises from the street.

I don't really have much more to spend on it.  I did notice that the inside of the garage door is divided into panels that I could easily stick sheets of something into.  Do you think there's any cheap material that I could use for that?

Or are there any other ideas you might have?  Also realized the garage door opener mechanics are still bolted straight into the ceiling joists and maybe that's transmitting vibrations... do you think some sort of sound dampening bolting system would be worth it?

Randy S:

Call me direct and we can go over a few tricks to get better results with out breaking the bank.

Best Regards,

Randy S.


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