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Advice on using Magnaseal solution to windows that do not have a wood sill


I am just wondering whether I need to have a wood trim (sill) to get the benefit of Magnaseal solution. Our windows have a drywall recess of 5.5 inches so I can have 4" gap between the window glass and the acrylic sheet.  Can I just screw the L frame trim to the drywall and attach the acrylic sheet with the magnetic tape?  Do I need to remove drywall and install wood sill to get the maximum benefit?

Attached is my window that I am planning to soundproof..

Thank you in advance.

Randy S:
The system will work fine for your window box. install recessed and use a bit of caulking to make sure the L-frame is sealed to the wall.

The frame system is for the seal only the weight of the panel is resting on the bottom of the sill.

with 3/8" acrylic and the air gap you achieve good reduction.

Best Regards,

Randy S.


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