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We just purchased a three story townhouse that has two shared neighbors (one on each side). We were surprised and disappointed to find that we can hear our neighbors music, dogs, tv and him being noisy at 3-5am every night. The sounds we hear are faint but enough that sleep is difficult when the neighbor is awake and watching tv. His barking dog we can hear in all rooms of our townhouse even when the dog is in his kennel in their kitchen. At 3-6am we hear his movies in our master bedroom, not loud but the bumps of bass and music keep us up or wake us up. We’ve talked to him, we believe he’s trying to be quiet, but given his stark difference in lifestyle to our own means we’re always awake when he’s asleep and we’re always sleeping (or wanting to) when he’s awake.

I was thinking I would do another layer of drywall with green glue but have recently started to look at insulation as a first step instead. We had an insulation company estimate blown in dense packed cellulose or roxul. He seemed to think that it would do wonders but it’s expensive and if I’m going to spend the money I want some reasonable degree of comfort that I’m not wasting my money.

If the insulation seems like a decent first step we may go for it, but I was hoping for another opinion first from someone that really knows. It’s expensive but least amount of damage/rework is needed since they will just cut holes into each cavity between studs. If another layer of drywall is needed it’ll be pretty invasive/lots of work as all walls have crown molding and large baseboards that would need to come off.

Id say the worst noise we get is the tv at 3-6am, followed by barking dogs during the day then the thumping sounds of dogs playing/doors slamming/ people walking.

Our side of the party wall is 5/8 drywall on metal studs 24” o.c. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Randy S

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Re: Insulation for noise reduction in party wall of inner townhouse
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In order to get a viable reduction from the type of noise your dealing with it will take more then just blown in cellulose.
You will need to decouple and double or triple mass/ density on top of insulating the cavity.

Give me a call direct so we can discuss particulars and principles on what your trying to accomplish.

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Randy S.


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Re: Insulation for noise reduction in party wall of inner townhouse
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I'm curious what the resolution was to this situation? I have a very similar issue with a loud party wall in a town home.