Author Topic: subdivide open plan living room/kitchen with wall to isolate neighbour noise  (Read 1915 times)


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I own a single-storey semi-detached ground floor unit/townhouse built upon a concrete slab.

My neighbour's impact noise frequently travels through the shared wall, so i'm subjected to lots of thuds, bumps, knocks, taps (the majority of this noise is sourced from neighbour's kitchen cupboards and bench-tops which are directly attached to the shared wall)

Rather than completely renovating my own kitchen/bedroom which would require stripping away lots of built in cabinets/sink/internal wall etc. I thought it might be more economical to just accept that neighbour noise will enter my unit, but maybe I could isolate the majority of that noise in my own kitchen so I can still enjoy my living room area relatively noise free.

Here is a copy of my floor plan, the shared wall is on the left hand side as my unit is basically a mirror image of my neighbours unit.

I've drawn in red a basic idea for where i'd build this dividing wall (basically building all the way down to the sidewall, to completley isolate the shared wall)

Is this a reasonable solution? What special steps would I need to take when building a wall? Would digging out a deep groove into the floor. ceiling or sidewall before building the wall help to isolate noise from traveling to other rooms? Would I even need extra soundproofing material or would a standard wall be good enough?

I've also contemplated installing in some sort of thick temporary sound barriers or maybe a thick sound curtain, but I don't think these would ever be as good or as economical as an actual wall.

any help, suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated.


Randy S

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Definitely an interesting idea, do you know if the shared wall is a double frame construction or single frame?

your idea has merit, I would be concerned about flanking noise to bed 1 but from what I see if the door in the kitchen is closed you would experience a good value of reduction from the kitchen area.

Feel free to give me a call direct to discuss this project in greater detail.

Randy S.


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I'm not sure if double frame construction or single frame, but I assume only single frame given how cheap the build of this unit is overall.

Bedroom 1 would still be an issue with my proposal, but i've pretty much abandoned this as just a storage room now. My only goal is to make a much quieter living room and Bedroom 2.

I'm actually in Australia, so calling you would be difficult.

Would you be able to give any general advice on this forum about sound proofing materials for inside wall or anything I should keep in mind when attaching wall to existing floor/ceiling etc? maybe some extra sound dampening matterial for the joins etc ?

Thanks for your time.

Randy S

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make the wall as heavy as possible and insulate the cavity.
seal the wall like a fish tank, air tight / water tight.

if you can use products like mass loaded vinyl this will increase the STC rating of the wall.

Also, what ever weight you make the wall (lbs per sqft) make the door match.

Randy S.