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Soundproofing help in my apartment
« on: April 17, 2019, 09:50:32 PM »
Hi all,

I've posted before about sound issues and now I'm about to have some more.  I know most of you will tell me to move but my lease isn't up till November so I'm trying to make the best of things until then.  I'm going to attach a floorplan for my apartment with some numbers on it, then tell you about some issues I'm facing.

Here is the floorplan.


My first and probably most important issue is getting decent sleep here.  I have re-positioned my bed many times but haven't figured out an ideal way to handle some sound issues. 

Referring to the image above, at point 1 I currently have my bed positioned here.  The problem is on the other side of that wall is a sliding closet door from another apartment.  The thump from that door closing has woken me up many times - as well as another door closing not too far away.  For the last year and a half, there has been no neighbor there so it has been wonderful, but new neighbors are moving in soon so I am coming up with a plan.

At point 2 on the image is another place I can position the bed, such as in the actual graphics, which I have tried before.  The problem here is that I can hear the "thumps" of cabinets closing from the kitchen from the neighbor downstairs.  So yes, another 'thump' issue.

At point 3, in the past I had put my head here just to avoid some of that noise but its really a bad solution.  So odd not having a wall behind your head.

Now some ideas to help the situation.  First off, I've been using earplugs and a white noise machine at night for years.  That does well for most sounds, just not 'thumps' which wake me up.  I don't have a headboard at all on my bed and thought maybe adding one (or trying to find a soundproof headboard) might reduce the 'thump' sounds.  I have talked to management and they have agreed to let me install some 'hush bumps' on the neighbor's sliding closet door before they move in.  ( I've messed with these in the past and they seem to help slightly.  So my goal is to not get woken up essentially.  Would be nice if I could find a pair of earplugs or something that would protect against the thumps, but I dont think they exist.  I use these now which I've been using for years: (

So any ideas in other bed positioning or anything else to help me out with sleeping better?


At point [ccolor=red]4[/color] on my floorplan is where I have another issue.  I have my computer setup in the space where that table is on the image next to the window by the kitchen.  At point 4 on the other side of my wall is a neighbor's sliding window.  For years I've been startled by that window closing with a loud 'thump' while I am at my computer.  I thought maybe of installing one of those 'hush bumps' inside of the track of the window as well.  Of course, I will try to talk to the new neighbors and ask if they will close the window and their closet doors with less force but I've learned you can't count on that.  Maybe I could hang something on the wall there to lessen that noise?

At point 5 I've had issues with cabinets closing from a different neighbor's kitchen right on the other side of that wall.  I tend to avoid this area. 

Believe it or not, I've been here 13 years now.  Only recently did I realize how many issues I've had with this place.  I know it depends on the person, but I'm definitely sensitive to these sound issues, whereas another person not be bothered.  Anyone else may have moved already but I had chose not to.  As I said earlier, I am much more open to moving now but my lease isn't up till November so I'm trying to make the best of things for now.

So, any advice on helping me sleep better or to reduce the window closing issue I have near my computer?

Thanks!!  :smile: