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basement ceiling soundproofing
« on: May 07, 2019, 05:21:54 PM »
Hi I am new to the forum but have done some searching and still have some questions. I live less than a mile from an active earthquake fault and worry about too much ceiling weight if we get a big quake. Don't know if there are code stipulations in earthquake country about multiple sheets of sheetrock on RC channel etc. So we recently redid our foundation for earthquake safety and while doing so excavated another 2 feet so we now have 8 foot ceiling height. Our city, in a serious housing shortage, will now allow us to turn the basement into a secondary living unit and if we do so, I want to have excellent soundproofing separating main first floor living from tenants below. The ceiling, for the most part, is framed in 2x8 full dimensional doug fir joists. The floors above have 1x12 fir subfloors and maple or vg fir flooring. I was thinking of installing one layer of safe and sound followed by RC channel and then quietrock and using surface mounted lights. I have also seen the clips, which I assume block some vibration from the joists to the rc channel. At about 5 dollars a piece they seem costly for a 1400 square foot ceiling. Are they worth it and if so are any better or worse? Also, homasote does not seem that expensive or heavy. Does it make sense to rib sheets of homasote to 14" and install in the joist bays screwed to the subfloor (1x12 doug fir)? Is quietrock worth the money? Are 2 layers of safe and sound significantly better than one? Any other ideas?