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my dog fined for barking under door
« on: October 22, 2005, 08:34:14 PM »

We own a cute chihuahua that barks as loud, and as deep, as a great dane.  Recently, we received a fine  for excessive noise,  and we are fearful our local animal control will be knocking on our door if it doesn't cease.  We don't want to use these over-the-counter shocking devices sold to quiet noisy dogs.  Our chihuahua breaks into convulsions from the smallest threating.  While all the tips given on soundproofing doors seem excellent, the main conflicts we face are with dimensions surrounding the door, and gaps between door and frame.  First, we are not permitted to change our apartment building door. Second, placing a soundproof barrier on the side bearing the thick tubular door hinges seems impossible since it forms a gap when door is opened.  Third, our dog barks directly under the door.  Lastly, our door's interior perimeter is shaped where there is a 3ft wall perpendicular to the door locks, and wall opposite it with fixed cabinets just beyond where the door opens. The 3ft wall has a refrigerator behind it.  Thus, adding a soundproof door 3feet before the interior side of door is impossible because it can't swing open on either end due to the cabinets on one side, and refrigerator on the other.  Installing bifold, or bypass doesn't fit either.  We are extremely confused and are faced with a time constraint.  We desperately accept any advice...

Thank you, Dee & Jay.


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Re: my dog fined for barking under door
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2006, 08:04:53 PM »
Have you considered possibly preventing your dog from going near the door?  Maybe it would be possible to keep the dog totally out of that area with one of those little gates that are used to keep children from going down the basement steps, etc.

Another idea might be to go to a dog training class of some sort.  The electrical shock device seems kinda severe to me.


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Re: my dog fined for barking under door
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The problem really seems to revolve around the dog.  Dogs CAN be trained not to bark.... ::)
But anyway, read up on what you can do to doors (instead of the dog) at
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