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Split sill staggered-stud wall vs double-stud wall

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Hi, I recently ran into a photo that showed a staggered-stud wall, but with a split sill (base) plate. This got me thinking, wouldn't a set up like this be even better than a double-stud wall with facing studs (as they're usually presented)? Even if the studs are decoupled, they're close and this suggests more flanking might occur than if the studs were staggered, all other factors being the same (wall depth, surfaces, insulation etc.)

Look forward to input. Thank you!

Randy S:
Stud wall design ...... " did you decouple or not "
double wall construction in any format can still create a flank due to a single partition project.
Flanking is any path around the soundproof wall, you would have to create room within a room (RWAR) to avoid flanking.

As for staggered stud vs double stud is simply top and bottom plate shared or not shared. if you split the base and top plates you have built double frame. I do see value in stud spacing 16"OC vs 24" OC but other then that your decoupled or coupled.

Normally if I am doing a double frame for a single partition I use stud wall isolation brackets to avoid a flank from the new frame.

Hope this helps.
feel free to call me direct anytime.

Randy S.

Hi Randy, sorry for the tardy reply. I got all sucked into work. When you see “single partition “, you mean one airspace between the two walls, right? With the top and bottom plates on a double wall decoupled (so no connection at all except via concrete floor both frames stand on), would there still be any flanking if you filled a third of the airspace with batting?

Our project is, indeed, to build a box within a box, within a hangar that has a 1-foot thick concrete floor. Thus far we haven’t planned on adding another layer of drywall (5/8”) other than at either end of the double stud frame (which will total 1 foot thick). We figured that thickness, with decoupling, 1/3 airspace and the rest rockwool would be enough for an STC of about 50.

Think we’re off? What we were thinking was that, if we don’t quite get the soundproofing we need from this we’d add another layer of 5/8 drywall with green glue between on the outside (or should we rather do inside?) walls. The goal, incidentally, is to keep noise out rather than in.


Randy S:
single partition is a single wall out of the entire room, since you are doing room with in a room you should have no flanking issue.

and if your doing that amount of space for your double frame construction you should be fine.

after your first layers are on test it and see where you land..

There are a few details that you should be addressing and for that it would be best to call me direct.

Randy S.

Hi, thanks a lot. Really appreciate your help. I will give you a call Friday. Can you specify your timezone and when it might be best to reach you?

Thank you.


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