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Trumpet room in gaeage
« on: August 02, 2019, 01:06:09 AM »
My wife says that I “can’t play that infernal instrument in the garage any more” Mind you, I got all the doors locked & I’m dying from 100 degrees temperatures. Big deal I started playing the trumpet at 71years old!  I got to build a sound reduction room.

I am building a 6’-6”X10’ room in the back corner of my garage. I will be using two existing walls and building two new walls. The existing walls are wood studs with Hardy outside, fiberglass insulation and 5/8 Sheetrock. There will be no windows & 1 door. The air conditioner is a portable unit inside the room & vented up behind a wall ...vent is insulated. The 2 new walls are metal studs with 5/8 Sheetrock outside, fiberglass insulation then 2 layers of 5/8 sheetrock with GG in between. Sheetrock installation will be done with proper methods & sound insulating sealant. Electrical switches & plugs are all externally mounted & sealed. Ceiling same as outside walls. Floor will be carpeted.


1. I was going to add GG & 1 more 5/8 Sheetrock to the existing stud walls & this OK/sufficient?

2. The door is hollow...I was going to add 1/2 Sheetrock wrapped with a moving blanket to both sides
      (This will be done me).  Of course the door sills, soffit & jambs will be sealed. Is this
going to quiet the door sufficiently?

3. How can I do a wall mounted desk 2’X4’ between 3 walls. I plan for the desk top to be granite. How do I support the granite. I have metal sq tubing & can weld. Could I put 2 parallel 3/4x3/4 tubes screwed to the wood studs...then put GG on the sq tubing...then put the granite on the GG? Also...should I keep the granite from touching the walls? I have to make a stand alone desk?

4.  Would some large 48”X72” 1/2” plywood panels covered with moving blankets, add any noice reduction? (Again, this will be done nicely)

Thanks in advance....please answer & take pity on a picked on by his wife 71 year old fart.

Randy S

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Re: Trumpet room in gaeage
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 03:29:47 PM »
Thats great your taking up the trumpet, here are the answers to your questions.
I would still advise you on giving me a call direct for some build variables.

1.  If that amount of dampened mass is acceptable for the amount of reduction needed then ok but if you are trying to get more reduction in the lower frequency range then it is not enough especially without a decoupler in the design.
2. just replace the door with a solid core door. you really do need a heavy solid door with airtight seals.
3. free stand the desk.
4. lets review that last, due to the absorption needed in the room those might not have enough effect.

Call me when you have some time to discuss.

Randy S.