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Adding a vent to a soundproof room


Hi there,

This is my first post in the forum. Thanks for reading. My wife and I recently moved into a duplex with a detached garage. I hired a contractor to build a soundproof room within that space. He used H-Bar clips, double 5/8" drywall with green glue, etc. He has now finished the job and there is excellent soundproofing, but there is no ventilation to the room. I would like to add a vent system and am wondering the best way to go about it.

The room before soundproofing was 10'x20'. The soundproofed space is about 9' x 13' now and the remainder is part of a storage space (approx 6'). I think I would like to vent to the storage space. I was reading an article on and found this image.

It's the second image down the page.

My question is, do you think that creating 2 holes in the wall (intake and exhaust) with dead vent mufflers is the way to go? It seems like it would be connecting my soundproofed walls to the storage space, and maybe a bit counter-productive?

I'm open to any thoughts and suggestions.



Randy S:

The second picture is a double wall construction and therefore the dead vent enclosure is not coupling the double frame system. It would be any hard pipe going through the double wall that would cause that.
Just make sure you dont couple the vent tube to the walls inside the room. leave a 1/4" gap around and fill with acoustic caulking.

Randy S.


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