Author Topic: Basement Room Conversion for Drums/Band - review request and Q  (Read 1605 times)


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Basement Room Conversion for Drums/Band - review request and Q
« on: December 19, 2019, 09:20:49 PM »
Hi All,

I'm hoping to get some feedback on my plan below ...there is also a question regarding the joists in there.

I have a room in my basement, appx 12' x 12', that I'm converting to be a drum room (my 10 year old son is learning) and rehearsal room (I play bass and hope to have the guys over to practice). 

The good news: the room is raw (unfinished), a very manageable size with mostly straight lines, has no duct work (radiant heat with asbestos covered pipes), and has concrete walls that have earth to about 3/4 of their height. 

The bad news: there are two windows (though not large ones), the living room (where we spend much of our time) is directly above, it abuts the staircase, and the ceiling is low .. 8" joists are at about 6' 11.5".

My plan is:

ceiling: One layer of 3" Sound and Fire mineral wool insulation against the flooring above.  add 6" joists dropped 1" below existing joists and between them (under the insulation). Add one layer of 3" insulation between new floating joists flush with bottom (2.5" air gap between insulation layers).  1/2" drywall to edges of unframed room.  Greenglued layer of 5/8" quietrock over that to edges of unframed room.

walls will be built up to drywall ceiling with any gaps filled with gg sealant

concrete walls:  framed 2x4 stud wall with 5/8" drywall on one side, 3" mineral wool, 1/2" drywall on the other side, 2"+ gap between outside drywall and concrete ... special "plugs" will be made to deal with windows.

interior walls: double studded on 8x2" footer ... double insulation (3" min wool) in each set of studs with a gap between.  double drywall (5/8" and 1/2") on each between these walls and existing walls/structure

door: bought heavy-weight hinges and will build a section of double wall in the same fashion that will swing inward (think secret bookcase door).

One Big Q:  The floating joists I have are below the floor by 3 inches or so and don't touch the existing joists, but they are current hung with toe-notches on the existing wall headers (old, hard, 1906 hardwood 2x8s).  Given all the layers on them, will they transfer sound into the header, then the original joists, and give me significant noise?  Do I need to consider cutting them to the interior wall (in a wall)?  My BIGGEST need is to keep noise from travelling up...sideways is way less of a concern.

BTW - this is a free standing single family home.  Thanks in advance!