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Justin Rand

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Keeping sound in my apartment
« on: January 03, 2001, 10:41:42 PM »
I've received complaints about bass getting through the floor and the one (about 7 ft across, 9ft tall) wall I share with my next door neighbor.  This is an apartment, so ripping open the wall or floor isn't an option.  I have a down-firing subwoofer that's probably causing all of the downstairs noise.  I need a fairly cheap and easy way to soundproof the floor under the sub and the wall between the apartments.  The sound is barely even turned up loud and the sub is on 1/4 power right now, it's driving me nuts but I don't want to keep bugging the neighbors.  Can I put a layer of something over the wall that won't look terrible?  Is there a small mat I can put directly underneath the sub that won't ruin the sound quality in the room?  Help!