Author Topic: Fluorescent Light Buzz Outside My Window  (Read 3166 times)

Steve Jackson

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Fluorescent Light Buzz Outside My Window
« on: January 29, 2002, 12:59:22 AM »
The apartment was nice and quiet during the day, but after I moved in, I found out that at around 8PM, a high-intensity fluorescent light that's about 2' away from my bedroom window turns on for the entire night.  The hum from the light is unbearable; earplugs don't completely eliminate it.  The hum is so strong that my bedroom wall (opposite the light) vibrates.  (Of course, the apartment manager says I'm the first and only tenant to complain.)
Is there a mat or other insulation that I can attach to the inside wall of my apartment to reduce this hum?  Ideally, I'd like something that I can put against the wall without significantly damaging it.
Thanks in advance!