Author Topic: Interior Noise Reduction / Sound Proofing Questions & Advice  (Read 1731 times)


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Interior Noise Reduction / Sound Proofing Questions & Advice
« on: March 29, 2020, 08:48:55 PM »
Hi All, brand newbie here in need of some help.

I've moved into a house recently and in 4 weeks-ish of living here, i've noticed that internal noise seems to travel through it quite a bit. External noise wise it's excellent, very quiet. But regarding sound from other rooms, including rooms that aren't even next to each other, it does seem much, much louder than what i'm used to.

It looks to me like pretty much all the walls on the ground floor are block/brick. (it's a 1955 Bungalow that's been converted into a 3 story). Having had a recent look online, i've seen a few options regarding how I can help reduce the noise levels by the way of using sound proofing materials, acoustic plasterboards and also other specialised noise reduction things that i've not come across before . I will be doing quite a bit of work to the rooms on the ground floor, so I guess now's the time to try and combat the noise levels too. :-)

Despite looking online, I am new to all this. So I have a few questions for anyone with experience here and kindly can help advise and direct me? I'm just not sure how far I should be going with this and/or the best way to do it.

1) In the rooms that already have normal 9mm / 12.5mm plasterboard atop the brick/block walls, am I correct in assuming that i'd rip that out and go with some of the 15mm acoustic plasterboard panels above in place of that OR Is it equally as effective to just add another layer of thicker 15mm acoustic plasterboard over the top of what's already there? The latter ofcourse being less invasive I guess?

2) Am I correct to assume that the door architraves/skirting boards and covings will need to come down and be refitted/replaced once i've either replaced the original plaster boards with thicker ones / added a 2nd thicker plasterboard ontop?

3) Am I correct to assume that if I do this in the inside walls of my rooms for example. It'll not only keep the noise IN, but also equally keep the noise OUT, OR would I have to do it on the outside of those walls to keep the noise OUT?

4) I've attached the floor plan and drawn red lines to resemble the walls of which I felt sensible to add sound proofing too. The ambition being when you're sat in any of those rooms, you'd hear less from the other rooms. With that in mind, does it look sensible? or should I be doing the walls in the hall ALSO?

5) Lastly, with this being on the ground floor, am I correct to assume I don't need to do any sound proofing to the floor? its carpet>underlay>floating floorboards.

thanks so much