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Rebecca Langlois

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Soundproofing a massage therapy office
« on: February 02, 2002, 06:19:31 AM »
I am a massage therapist who shares office space with my husband who is a chiropractor.  The walls in our entire office bldg. are thin paneling on either side of the studs with fiberglass insulation sandwiched between the panels.  The ceilings are drop ceilings.  Needless to say, if our waiting room is busy, which it usually is, I, and my clients, can hear every single ring of the bell, conversation, kids screaming, etc.  And this is not limited to our office -- I can hear the people in the neighboring offices and the people walking past in the hall!  If that wasn't bad enough, one of my walls, which has a window in it, faces the street, so I am often treated to a bevy of sirens, trucks, horns, alarms, etc.  I am fed up.  I have read much of the info on this website -- quite helpful.  But I need a little more due to another unique problem.  In addition to needing soundproofing material for the walls, ceilings, and doors, I would like to soundproof the window using inside shutters lined with soundproofing material.  The problem is that I need all materials to be uniform and aesthetically pleasing.  Also, I am not sure what would be the most effective material for my purpose. I want to block ALL outside noise, but I do not want to tear down any walls or use contact cement. Would covering the soundproofing material with fabric cut down on its effectiveness? Please help!