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Justin Smith

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Transformer noise
« on: February 08, 2002, 12:26:20 AM »
I work for a heating instalation company, and one of our recent jobs, the homeowner called us and tol us that she could hear a humming noise in one of the rooms adjasent to the equipment room. the noise is from a transformer in a zone valve controller.  we tried using what we had with us, 1/8 in felt tape on the back of the unit, and 1/8 foam insulation tape on the inside of the cover, because the noise was much louder when the cover was on. the sound did not go away, infact it seemed louder, so we left the unit unscrewed from the wall, and that did lessen the sound aome, but it cant be left that way. I need to find something we could put behind the controller that would stop the transformer hum from being transfered to the wall behind it.  any help would be nice, thanks much