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sound-stop insulation boards - materials
« on: March 04, 2002, 12:27:15 AM »
i've lived in a very noisy building (built 1890s, NYC, no insulation whatsoever) for several years, on the first floor where I could hear people walking up and down the stairs, talking, etc. thorugh two large wooden doors of my apt.  I was looking for an inexpensive solution to the problem, and a lumber yard in about 1998 sold me Sound-Stop sound boards, two of them, to place against the doors.  They were dark brown, made of some kind of fiber.  They smelled really weird.  A few months passed and the smell really bugged me so I bought very tall wood sheets and grey insulation foam to go over them and hold against the wall -- it killed the smell.  Anyway, I realize now that I was breathing in building insulation for several months!!!  YUCK!!!  Does anyone have any idea what these things are made from?  There couldnt be asbestos since that was made illegal in the 1970s.