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alberto pinna

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soundproofing record studio
« on: March 16, 2002, 08:33:25 PM »
I'd like to know how to soundproof a room with a wooden ceiling. The room is in a building very crowded and I need to control absolutely the noise. I've bought lead panels (5 mm), acoustic foam (5 cm) and rock whool (3 cm). I have also some troubles in soundproofing a wall which divides the room from the inner stairs. Is there any kind of material more efficient? How much does it cost?
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Re: soundproofing record studio
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2002, 03:55:55 AM »
There is a product called mass loaded vinyl, which is very effective in soundproofing walls and ceilings, not to mention floors. It is 1/8" thick and is actually stapled to your existing drywall or even to your studs and joists. I recommend that you sandwich it in with an additional piece of drywall. This would give you and STC of nearly 42. It would actually muffle uot loud shouting. It is very effective in soundproofing any room. There is no really cheap way to soundproof a room as you discribe, but there is always a correct way.
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