Author Topic: How to dampen sound of existing wood floor?  (Read 3513 times)


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How to dampen sound of existing wood floor?
« on: December 19, 2009, 05:19:14 PM »
I'm getting ready to finish my basement in our newer construction home (built 2006), but first want to try to dampen the sound transfer from the main floor's wood floor into the basement.  Also, I'd like to dampen the sound that's generated from the floor on the main floor too.  Right now, the floor is rather "boomy".   >:(

Here's my plan of attack, but am definely looking for any recommendations for improvements.  I'm trying to keep costs down, so I'm hoping this is the most cost effective approach.  First, I plan to attach adhesive backed MLV to the underside of the main floor subfloor (cost approx $800 for 700sqft).  Then, I'm planning to use 1/2" drywall attached to resilient channels for all ceilings (add'l cost of about $300 for the channels I think).  For the walls of the furnace room, I'm planning to use MLV stapled to the studs and then covered with 1/2" drywall (add'l cost of about $300 for MLV).

Think this is enough?  Any better, more cost effective approaches?  Do I need to also consider doing something about the metal ductwork?   ???

Thanks in advance for any advice!