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noisy downstairs apartment-desperate!
« on: April 21, 2002, 09:12:42 PM »
I hope you can help. My husband just built our house and money is tight. We built an apt downstairs to help with finances but the building plan was all wrong. Their living room is right under our bedroom. Even though we have padding and carpet we can hear everything! Their sliding glass doors and windows are all under our windows all three walls. We live in Hawaii and need the windows open for airflow and so do they downstairs, and I am expecting a baby in a matter of weeks and won't be able to wear earlpugs, though they don't help a lot anyway. Our carpet is temporary and we were thinking of putting a layer of soundboard under the padding and carpet. Also, we thought of putting roofs with asphalt shingles over all the windows downstairs to redirect sound. Will this work and is there anything else we can do to our upstairs because the apt downstairs is finished and my husband is reluctant to tear into it again. I hope you can help!


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Re: noisy downstairs apartment-desperate!
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You might want to try this URL
Read it and it should give you some general ideas as to what you are in for in your soundproofing project.