Author Topic: Kitchen from next door on my bedroom wall - hearing bangs all the time!  (Read 4100 times)

help me

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Someone please help me - the kitchen of the apartment next to me shares my bedroom wall.  Despite my notes to them to please stop banging the cabinets and other banging noises, they still keep me up at night, and now recently have been waking me up in the mornign too.
I already wear earplugs - i feel like my only choice is to move out but I really like my apartment.


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Help, I would see if the neighbors could install felt pads on the cabinet doors. Keep in mind that wood actually amplifies the sound, and if you can isolate the wood to wood contact, this should definitely quiet the impact noise of the cabinet doors being slammed shut. You could even offer to pay for the felt pads, if it is going to solve this issue for you.