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Bill l

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Bob O I'll try again
« on: July 10, 2002, 07:04:27 PM »
by retyping however your programmer says you can retrieve lost messages by searching under Bill l; I have sound prblems with footsteps talking and tv above a basement Im converting to rental space.From the Basement looking up;I have joists that are 8" in depth, they are 16"off center(14 to 15" apart. I am only soundproffing BETWEEN these joists. So far looking up at the basement ceiling(right under the subfloor of a kichen&liv room)I have installed a 5/8"drywall--then a 1/2"homeasote bd---then another 5/8"drywall.Then I have 4and3/8" of dead air space-- Then another 5/8" drywall that rests on a strip of wood which is 1/2" by 2"deep(therefore I am using 6" of a 8" between each joist for sound proffingQuestions,all of this is BETWEEN the joists,:  1. Does this make sense?   2. If I use 2" of rock wall in the dead air space what spc imrovement would I get? 3. Which of you products would you recommed to go in this dead air space with or without the rock wool?    Thank you   Bill l


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Re: Bob O I'll try again
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Bill l.
I spoke with the "Soundproofing Guru" himself, and he told me to tell you that by soundproofing only between the joists, you will not get the results you are looking for. The reason being, that the joists themselves are acting as "tuning forks", and transmitting the sound directly to the basement area from the floor above. If you are experimenting here, that is fine, and we would love to hear of your results, but please keep in mind that our methods of soundproofing are proven to be effective, and we have references to prove this fact.
Soundproofing, can be accomplished inexpensively  (using common building materials), and experimentation is not a bad thing, but you must follow certain guidelines, and simply placing soundproofing materials between studs or joists (leaving the joists/studs exposed) is not very effective. I think you have already admited that much, Bill. I would like to help you in your soundproofing endeavor, and will be here whenever you need me. Thank you Bill!