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sound proofing my room
« on: January 02, 2003, 02:29:02 AM »
here's the deal, i live in a room in a daylight basement in my house (meaning its concrete but has a small window) and we have hardwood floors upstairs and our house is very poorly insulated. i'd like to be able to play my music fairly loud and play my drum set (at a low volume) without disturbing the rest of my housemates. i do not need  absolute blockage of sound, but i would like it to reduced significantly. i've looked at the options, and i've decided replacing the floor is to expensive, and i also would like to avoid building a wall inside a wall. i am a poor college student with limited resources. i was hoping making i could nail up some kind of sheets or board that would help keep the sound contained within my room and also be able to be removed. i've considered nailing up carpet padding (i've heard it helps) but i figured i'd ask for professional advice. if you have any suggestions, links, or products that would be helpful please reply. thank you.