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Rich Lloyd

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Wooden Flooring
« on: January 07, 2003, 10:22:48 PM »
Hi, I posted here before about soundproofing wooden floors and was given some good advice about a company to contact about SSP mats.
Basically the situation is this; I live in the United Kingdom and we have a flat with wooden floors with big gaps between the floorboards, and no insulation underneath between our floor and the ceiling below. We can see downstairs' ceiling through the gaps.
As you can imagine we can hear music/tv/talking etc.
Previously you recommended SSP Mats from Custom Audio design and we have been in touch with them, and they have been very helpful. My problem is that basically some people say that these mats will solve the problem, but some other people say it will have a minimal effect, especially for a bedroom that is above a lounge.
Here is a link to the description of the mats in question, which I am assuming are the SSP mats you mentioned.
Do you think this would work, and if so, how many layers would you suggest?
Thanks from rainy (and noisy) England!
Rich Lloyd