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grand piano in townhouse
« on: January 28, 2003, 09:07:47 AM »
For xmas I bought myself a very nice Schimmel 5'7" grand piano. My neighbors are complaining a lot. The other day at only 6pm one of them turned his radio all the way up (my piano still overdid it with the lid open and damper pedal).
I live in a fairly small townhouse complex, 8 houses. All of us are homeowners. The noise travels quite a bit. The piano is in my living room, which is separated from my complaining neighbor's living room by a small driveway (about maybe 25ft at most).
It is true that the noise travels quite a bit in the complex, but I don't know what to do as the piano is so loud. In fact it can be heard from 2 streets away, over 75 ft.
I do have double-pane windows and so do all my neighbors. But the walls are made of drywall and rather thin.
Is there any way the living room could ever be made soundproof in the kind of place I live in ?
It's got new very thick carpet on the floor. The living room is about 14'x11'. 2 of the walls are outside walls. The third one is against the garage. There is no fourth wall - the living room is open to the stairs and the hall.
The ceiling curved and high, going between 15 and 20ft.
I had originally planned on putting the piano upstairs which is a much better location, but unfortunately the piano did not make the stairs.
I am currently very seriously considering moving for this reason and others (I also need more space). However, this is a very expensive option, we are talking several hundred thousand dollars in fact in the SF bay area. And even a single family home will be fairly close to neighbors. I have my eye on a fixer upper 1950s home right now which has a 13x20 upstairs room that would be perfect for a music room. 3 of the walls are outside walls, and the last one inside. There is no flooring currently (just some wood, needs carpet).
How much would it cost to soundproof that room if I were to put the grand piano in it (I have reason to believe it will be possible to hoist the piano up to that room in the new house) ?