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By day and by night
« on: October 29, 2008, 02:12:32 AM »
Hello all.

We are looking at turning a restaurant into a nightclub at night. Food till 10:00 pm music from 11:00 pm.

It won't be a big place but our small community needs something else.

The restaurant is basically open with great 180 deg veiws. We will need doors that slide / fold / or collapse during the food hours but can then be closed at night holding back the music from our close neighbours. We would like to maintain some areas in glass to have a veiw at night as well.

I am thinking success would depend on the 1.materials the doors are made from ands how well seal upon closing. 2. The sound system design and speaker locations and facing directions. 3. What I do to the ceiling and decor to assist in sound absorbing etc.

28m x 16m area to confine.

Any suggestions or contact details of a specialist in this type of thing would be appreciated