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Acoustical Drapes
« on: February 15, 2003, 02:06:56 AM »
I need to add some soundproofing to a room that my son will play his drum set in. It's not a garage, has nice walls and ceiling and a lot of windows. I don't yet want to construct a "room within a room" as you detail in the "garage band" case study. I've been to your site a lot over the past couple of weeks, so I understand what would be involved to do that right. But again, this is a nice room as is, and although we own the house, depending on job and other factors, who knows, for all I know we could need to move next year or something.
All that having been said, I've decided the best scenario for me would be to get some of your "used acoustical drapes." My questions are:
1. Do these drapes have both the "barrier" and the "absorber" characteristics?
2. Since I'm not prepared to construct a room-within-a-room, are the acoustical drapes a plausible alternative?
3. You don't by chance offer the "alteration" services, do you? That is, can you alter the length, say to 85" or 56", or are they sold in the lengths.
I have contacted an "installer" that I was referred to from Davis Drapery Hardware in Burlingame, CA, but haven't heard back from him yet. He may know of someone local who would do the length alterations.
Again my reason for thinking the drapes would be a better alternative in my situation is that I wouldn't have to redo an otherwise nice room, and if I had to move I could take the drapes with me.
Finally, I take it that you are in the San Diego area. Do you have someone in the Bay Area that you work with for consulting and installations?
Thanks, for your great site!