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Viberation Reduction
« on: March 05, 2003, 07:11:04 PM »
I am down in a basment, Half finnished, I think some of it is to my advantage. 3 of the walls in the room are concrete but have what i know as Finstone Building Blocks on them. Its a 2 or 3 inch thick foam case moulding you pour the concrete into when building the house. Ontop of the foam is basic 1/2 inch thick drywall board glued to it by the looks.(Renting) I have no problems with these walls viberating but my 4th wall and ceiling are terrorible. The 4th wall what happens to be my rear wall, the one my chair is against is only the 1/2 in drywall board screwed to the 2x4 studs and the ceiling pretty much the same deal, just thicker studs. I am not looking to sound proof the room, but more control the viberation and help with some acoustical echoing. The shape of the room is rectangular and I run my stereo along the length of the room. So it has less distance to travel and keep it from sounding like a tunnel. I don't know if it would help saying what my system is, but i will just in case. I am running off my computer, Sound Blaster 24 bit card (Excellent Card)into 3 amplifiers, 2 amps are true 400 watt, 200 watt a side into some optumus loud speakers i replaced the mids and highs in. They are aproximately 275 watts. Running stereo channels right and left off the 2 amps hence 4 loud speakers. Set up kind of to make a wall but pointed at my seat. Third amp is used to run 2 subs, behind my seat. The sound is good. But my High end tends to bounce off the wall behind me and you can hear it in certain parts of the room. And the subs rattle the dry wall.
My thoughts are to take the drywall down and place 3/8 inch thick weather stripping on the studs and then firmly screw it down again, and to help keep the high end from bouncing around take a few of those 2 1/2 inch thick foamies with the pyramid style points on the one side and put them on the wall and hang a thicker curtain of some sort over the wall. What are peoples thoughts? Will it work? If so is it worth the time? Any simpler Ideas. Thanks.