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Shared wall/New wall/Opinions?
« on: March 11, 2003, 05:51:40 AM »
I'm experiencing minor noise through both my shared walls in my new apartment (one bedroom, one living room). It seems to come through the whole wall - not limited to outlets or anything. The noise seems to only be certain frequencies. Muffled TV, but at times very distinct voices or a cough or sneeze will carry right through.
My idea is this - to avoid attaching anything to the walls (less damage to the apartment for when I move out and no risk of channeling the sound through), I want to build a set of panels. Essentially I envision building ceiling height, rectangle frames out of 2 x 4s, screwing a sheet of homasote ( to them, and then wrapping the panels in some sort of fabric for a nice finish and soft edges, stapling the fabric to the frames on the back side. I figure I can then stand the panels up on end and wedge them between the floor and ceiling adjacent to each other with an inch or so of air between them and the existing walls.
The rooms in my apartment have hardwood floors. I've got some rugs down and such, but I figure the fabric-wrapped homasote panels will definitely cut down on any noise bleed from my apartment (which bothers me as well - I don't like other people hearing me), cut down the echo factor, and reduce any sound that's carrying through into my room.
Does this sound like it will work and be worth doing? Being in an apt setting, I'm not looking for a big project, either, so I figure I can get the 2x4s cut at Home Depot as well as the sheets of homasote, which should be light and easy to get in and attach.