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courtney nero

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soundproofing a washroom
« on: April 23, 2003, 03:06:01 AM »
I'm recording vocals in my washroom(no appliances only eq). Unfortunately my console and everything else are in the same room. I normally cut off my monitors and use headphones while recording. but it seems that I lose strength in the projection of the vocals. So first would sound proofing be the problem if so what should I do? the room is apprx. 6'x12' w/ 10 ft. ceiling.


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Re: soundproofing a washroom
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2003, 03:47:40 PM »

I am not exactly sure what you are asking. If the wash room has too much refraction (reverberation, echo) then you need to add some sound conditioning materials to the walls and perhaps the ceiling. Things such as open cell foam, mural, or tapastries on the walls and ceiling will also help.

Soundproofing will not inhibit your vocal projection, on the contrary, if the room is soundproofed, the projection of your voice should be greater as the sound is contained in the room.

Courtney, you may want to give me a call and provide me with more details on your situation. That way I can give you more concise information and advice. Thanks for the interesting post.

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