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I practise in my basement, It does not matter for when I am with my band, but when I am practising by myself. I was wondering if there is something I could could put around my set to block the sound a bit. It does not have to be totally sound proof, just so that it lowers the levels outside the house. I saw something on T.V. once where they used some thick fabric around their set up, but that was with a lot of other stuff. Would some heavy fabric work? Just to make it a little quieter?


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face to flames steve??


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You could construct a little (kinda fenced in area) which would surround the kit. This could be made of plexiglass, or any material (other than wood). and then you could treat the insides of the fence with sound absorbing foams, such as the closed cell vinyl nitrile foams we carry here @ (The thicker the foam the better). The foam would adhere to the fence with contact cement.
 This would definitely make a difference in the emmitted sound coming from your basement. There are other soundproofing methods that could be used as well to quell the drum sounds, but this would be the quickest. Thanks for the post Steve.

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