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Alida van Overeem

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lead metal sheeting
« on: April 23, 2003, 06:17:19 PM »
I am confused about your lead metal sheeting. Is'nt lead very bad for your health??I remember reading about lead in paint that  is supposed to be so dangerous.Can you explain this to me?
We are trying to erect a barrier between the livingroom and familyroom, because of extensive piano-practicing. There is an excisting drywall of course, and the  leadmetal sheeting sounds ideal. Or would the Silencer Floormat  be just as good, and also, what is the STC rating on the floormat??

One more question if I may: the Super SThoundclip sounds good but a lot more work and expense. How does it rate in comparison with the   Silencer floormat?
Thanks . Alida.


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Re: lead metal sheeting
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The lead sheeting is not hazardous. The lead paint scare was from old flaking lead paint that children and pets could ingest and become ill. The lead sheeting would be sandwiched in by a layer of drywall, and would not present any kind of hazard.
Now the SSP flooring is very comparable to the lead foil. The flooring actually has a higher STC value than does the 1/64" lead, however, the lead is better at blocking the lower frequency sounds. (Bass sounds etc.)
Using the sound clips would be a little more labor intensive, but you would gain about 40 STC points to that wall, and it would work remarkable well and blocking out the piano sounds from  penetrating that wall. The floated wall can be used in conjunction with the flooring, and the closed cell foam, for a super heavy duty soundproofing system. See the Webpage for more details on these products.
Alida, I sure hope this answers your questions.

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