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Dylan MacDonald

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Engineered Hardwood floors above neighbor
« on: April 24, 2003, 05:19:44 AM »
I would like to install engineered hardwood floors in my condo. I have a neighbor below who is extremely unhappy about this idea. There is wall-to-wall carpeting there now and she is convinced that any type of wood floor I install, even with a sound-deadening pad, will be worse.

I would like to convince her that what I install won't necessarily be soundproof, but it will be equivalent to the carpet + pad that is there now.

So I guess my question is: do I have any basis for believing this? A lot of what I read extolls the virtues of floating floors for these situations. But then I read this board and it seems that hardwood floors (even engineered hardwood floors) = noise.

Can anyone tell me othewise, and, even better, offer advice about the best way to proceed?




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Re: Engineered Hardwood floors above neighbor
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Even though hardwood floors in upstairs units are good for business, they definitely present a problem for the neighbors below. Consider that they are living inside of a voilin body, or a guitar body, and then the neighbor upstairs installs a wood floor which makes this guitar.violin syndrome complete. Wood transmits sound over 1200 times more than ambient air.

Dylan, your downstairs neighbor has every right to be concerned about your installing a manufactured hardwood floor in your unit.

The only way to effectively combat the noise from hardwood floor above, is to float the ceiling below. This would involve removing the existing ceiling, and floating a new ceiling using either the SSP sound clips or resilient channels (RC-1). This is an involved process, and it will definitely have to be cleared by the neighbor before you begin  as all of this work will be performed in her condo.

Dylan, you have to ask yourself, is the wood floor really worth all this effort. If you feel that it is, then you need to present your proposal to the neighbor, and see how they respond. Also, you might want to check your CC&R's or your condo's Association Board, to find out if they have any rules for or against a wood floor in an upper condo unit.

There is an underlayment for wood floors called SSP Silencer flooring. It will help to block voices, TV's and stereos, but it will do little for the effects of foot fall noise (impact noise).

Dylan, I am sure this is not exactly what you wanted to hear, but I am being as frank and honest as possible. That's my job. Thanks for the interesting post, I am sure that many  members of this forum will read your post with great interest.

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