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soundproofing basement on a budget, will this work
« on: May 16, 2003, 06:59:30 AM »
Hi, great page and forum, thanks for supplying so much information. I've looked all over your site but still have questions.

I am sound proofing a ceiling in my basement but have limited access to both cash and supplies.

Here is what I have right now.

Ceiling is studded with 2x6 studs every 16 inches. I inserted Safe and Sound fiber glass insulation and then put 5/8's drywall on the studs. - I did this before I was concerned with sound proofing and can't afford to scrap the ceiling so..

My next step is to put up 2x4 steel studs length wize -  every 24 inches running opposite to the 2x6's with a 1/2 inch ruber foam layer between the steel stud and my existing ceiling. This will add a 4 inch dead space which will help control the sound correct? Should I use
2 1/2 inch drywall screws or 2 inch drywall screws to mount the steel 2x4's to the ceiling? Your page says not to go too deep with the screws, but some example sizes would help a lot.

I will be adding a sheet of 5/8's drywall on the steel studs but leaving a 1/4 inch gap between the wall and new ceiling for caulking.

I am trying to creat a resilant channel using the 2x4 steel studding and think the 4 inch spacing will help in reducing over all sound penetration.

Do you have any suggestions or advice before I make any mistakes?

Thanks in advance. J


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Re: soundproofing basement on a budget, will this
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2003, 07:34:27 PM »

From what I can tell you are doing okay with your soundproofing plan. I would go with the resilient channels right over top of the 5/8" drywall that is already screwed to the ceiling though. Then I would proceed with your plans just as you have written them.
Keep in mind that a layer of the Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) would add 26 STC points to that ceiling as well as your walls. Think about that in terms of ceiling space saving as well as some serious soundproofing. Plus it is a much better soundproofer than the 1/2" rubber mat would be.
J. If you are doing the resilient channels (RC-1) I really don't see the necessity of the steel studded frame for the ceiling. The float with resilient channels over the ceiling drywall with maybe a layer of the MLV to top it off should do the trick.
J. before you get ready to do the serious soundproofing, I think it would be beneficial to invest the "proverbial dime" and give me a call. Thanks for your posting.

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